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【JPY 150,000】


(size M)



 This is a Samurai armor with green strings going through a green plates.

 Samurai armors with this color combination never existed in the real Samurai era.

This Samurai armor is a completely original design.



In this price, you are not getting only armour.

helmet,gauntlet,shin guard is also included.

Katana is not in set.





Size M is for the people



Size L is for the people

height175cm or more




my armor is made from strong paper.


That's the reason why is so light.


So female can also wear and be active.


Originally I was making my armor for the battle part of the theater play and movies.


For thatuse , strong paper was the best.


Please take care of the armor.

Because its not good if you put it in touch with water.


When you put on yourself, wear shirt with sleeves to avoid sweaty skin to touch an armor.


And of course rain is not good for armor, too. (^_^;)


And it can`t endure lot of damages.

This armor is more for a casual use, you can be really agile in armor, but please be careful to not get hit.


have a safe armor life( ´ ▽ ` )ノ

















































楽しく安全なアーマーライフを( ´ ▽ ` )ノ




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  • 1.

     We cannot accept cancellations of the order once the product is purchased. Please confirm your order once more before purchasing.




    The quality of the product is controlled with great care, but if by any chance a defective product or wrong-item-delivery or a product that has been damaged due to handling during the transportation or an accident during the transportation is delivered, it is truly Sorry to trouble you, but please contact our shop within 7 days from the product arrival date.

    We will respond after confirming the situation. If a defective product or wrong-item-delivery or a product that has been damaged due to handlings during the transportation or an accident during the transportation is delivered, we will refund full amount or replace it with a repaired one.


    We will pay for the return transportation cost.

    In the case of replacement, it will be repaired and shipped again after being returned, so it will take some time.




    Please check the condition of the product immediately after the arrival of the product. From the delivery, if it has been more than seven days or if it has been used even once, regardless of the handling situation (usually used, carefully handled etc.), we cannot accept your return or replacement. Please be careful.




    If you wish to return, please be sure to return the item after contacting us. If you send us back without contact, we cannot accept.




     Depending on situations, in order to check the status of the product, we may request some photos of the relevant portions. Thank you for your understanding and cooperation. It would be very helpful If you attach some photos of the defective parts in advance to e-mail when contact for the defective product. We will check immediately, and we will respond.





    When we cannot accept return and replacement:


    1. The package is opened, and the product is used at least once.

    2. Damage was caused by a customer including stained and cigarettes smell.

    3. Products with some modification or repair done by customer after delivery.




    Refund turnaround time



    It may take some time from the time the refund process is completed by us to the actual refund. You will also be refunded according to your payment method.





    [Return Policy]



    We will return or replace only within 7 days from the delivery date.


    1, Declared within 7 days after delivery.

    2, The goods received have defects or mistake, and this mistake is our fault.



    Steps for Return and Replacement



    Please refer to the steps below for Return and Replacement.


    Contact us by e-mail.


    Please describe a reason and problem for Return/Replacement as details as possible.



    In the case of a defective product, please provide an overview photo of the returning product and photo of the defective place (evidence) as attached files.



    We will process after confirming your e-mail.



    We will send you a respond regarding the return by e-mail after the return process is approved at our side.



    Returning product delivery time will be varied depending on the shipping methods which we cannot determine.



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