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Hello everyone. I am Jami (^_^)


My hobby is to craft Samurai armors.

One day I tentatively put it at an online store. Surprisingly it was sold out right away even though it was priced at pretty high.

This experience gave me a confidence to go for it.

As many successful people say that “play as much as possible until it becomes a job, I expect this would be my case too.


You can purchase the Samurai armors on this online store.

I hope my works go to in a hand of people who like these things and treat it importantly.



Thank you in advance m (_ _) m




By the way


Not only Samurai armors, but also various weapons you can buy on this online store.

But only this great sword is crafted by a friend of mine not me.











どうぞよろしくお願いいたしますm(_ _)m







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